David Flint has added some new exciting products, the Saddle Leveling pads and Self-Centering English and Dressage girths.

The Saddle Leveling pads are available with either one or three pockets complete with adjustable inserts.  Saddle Leveling pads are used for adjusting the level of the saddle, front or back.

The Self-Centering cinches and girths make it easy for the rider to cinch-up the saddle and is also easier on the horse itself.

We now manufacture Mule pads and Mule cinches as well as Icelandic pads and Icelandic cinches.  The perfect fit for mules and Islandic horses.  For more information, please get in touch with us by e-mail or by phone toll free 1-866-562-2626.

Have a look at our new poster "Keep your City out of my Country"!

Now more than ever, ATV's are taking more and more people out to the country.  Are you taking your ATV on a field trip, pleasure ride, hunting trip or out to fix and mend fences around your ranch?   We have ATV bags and accessories you can depend on.

Flint manufactures super tough waterproof ATV tank and fender bags of top quality with velcro closures for easy access. All ATV bags feature unique designs and ways of application that facilitate the switching and "mix and match" of bags on the front tank and the back fenders as well as from the front tank to the front fenders.  These multipurpose applications of our ATV bags have been designed by David Flint.  All ATV bags have inside pockets making it easy to bring along papers and licenses.

They are available in Camo Oak, Camo Upland, Camo Desert and Camo Mossy Oak Break-Up designs as well as in black and brown. We have the correctly fitting ATV center piece for all models (Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha, Bombardier).  Our ATV bags and accessories are now available in British Columbia and Alberta.  For more information visit our ATV Bags & Accessories page.

Our Western Breast Plate has been tested by experienced riders. Subsequently, the test results and evaluations were published in the September 2003 issue of "Horse Journal".  The product evaluation concluded that "if you want a Western look, Flint Saddlery's Breast Collar brings you the traditional design you desire with the comfort your horse needs".  Furthermore, it was established that "Comfort is definitely a priority with Flint Saddlery's breast collar".

The Comfort EdgeTM design has been tested by horse expert Nancy Butler and her crew in Delaware, U.S.  Subsequently, the test results and evaluations were published in the June 2002 issue of the “Horse Journal”.  The article about the product evaluation established that out of the 21 cinches tested “Flint Saddlery’s Comfort Edge cinches were the testers’ favorites, especially the felt cinch!”.

The Comfort EdgeTM design is available on the Flint’s Original Hospital felt cinch and girth and on the For Winners Only neoprene cinch and girth. 

Flint’s Original HospitalTM felt has the well known property of wicking away moisture and heat to help keep the horse dry under the felt pad.  The felt pads on our girth and cinches are removable for easy washing and quick drying.

The For Winners OnlyTM neoprene comes with the textured surface to prevent galling of the horse.  The neoprene pad is lightweight and removable for easy care by a quick hose off.

For more information see our Independent Product Evaluations.

Just in time for hunting, David Flint has developed several new accessories for the hunter such as scope bag, chaps, gun slings and various saddle and horn bags all in camouflage design.  For more information see our Hunting Accessories.

For any questions, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone toll free 1-866-562-2626.

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